Circle Monogram Floating Unity Candle

Add a creative, contemporary touch to your wedding ceremony with this floating unity candle. Each set comes with a tall glass vase and an elegant white floating candle. The vase is made from artisan crafted hand-blown glass. Customize this set with your initials etched into the vase in simple and striking script, surrounded by a chic circle.

Monogram Unity Candle

A unity candle is the ultimate symbol of your love. It represents the joining of your lives and families. Available in white or ivory, these personalized unity candles come complete with your monogram in an elegant script. Beneath the monogram, your names and date are engraved in the color of your choosing..

Weddings from the Heart

Weddings from the Heart offers five complete new ceremonies, the texts of traditional Christian and civil ceremonies, and hundreds of vows, consecrations, and blessings. Includes more than fifty heartwarming, philosophical, and poetic readings on love from a wide range of writers and poets such as Pablo Neruda, Rainer Maria Rilke, Shakespeare, and Elizabeth Barret Browning. banner

Rose Wedding Portal Articles

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How To Complete the Marriage License

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Components of a Wedding Ceremony

There are a number of components that are common to all weddings, others are optional. When meeting with the bride and groom you can use the following guide as a starting point for planning the ceremony... Read More

Create a Window to Your Destination Wedding

With destination weddings on the rise, it is becoming more and more important for couples to have a means for informing their guests of their upcoming wedding plans as well as provide recommendations for out-of-town guests.Read More